SieMatic 29 Special Edition 

A complete customized version of the already legendary SieMatic 29 was launched in Amsterdam during INTERIOR RELATED event. The well-known designer Perry Hanssen entered into a partnership with metal specialist VeroMetal on behalf of SieMatic.

Hotel luxury

The design of SieMatic 29, from the Berlin design agency Kinzo, was awarded a German Design Award in Gold in 2016. Kinzo design was based on what they themselves call the watermelon principle: after the outer green skin you enter a completely different world, that of the red flesh. In the SieMatic 29 this is translated into an exterior of black oak and an interior of ceramics. As a result, you actually get two very different volumes,' explains Hanssen. In addition, the shapes are very organic, which makes this buffet the ideal cupboard for a hotel suite or your living room, possibly with any kitchen function you want. But without the appearance of a kitchen unit.

Custom made

The SieMatic 29 by Perry Hanssen is fully custom made. Black is the new white, and more and more people dare to leave the safe white behind and choose black. The interior is fully ceramic in marble look. And the details, such as the power socket, the USB connection, the holder for towels and tea towels and the base, are made of goldbronce. Brass tones are on the rise.

Liquid metal

The metallizing of the mentioned parts is done with the products of VeroMetal. Owner Frank Smolenaers: 'We are a producer of cold, liquid metal. This allows you to cover each object with a layer of metal. The walls of the Louvre in Abu Dhabi, for example, are all painted with bronze that we have made. We supply 19 different types of metals and Perry Hanssen selected goldbronce for SieMatic. We apply it the same way as when spraying lacquer, but apart from that it is real metal.

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