Interview with Bart Smulders

Globally, a striking development is underway with regard to flagship stores; top brands give greater priority to customer experience and see such a location as the ultimate embodiment of their brand. Associates Des Arts Magazine spoke with Bart Smulders, the manager of SieMatic Flagship Store in Amsterdam. 

 "SieMatic is a family business and in our DNA there is not only a passion for kitchen and interior design, but also a huge joint responsibility to give our customers the ultimate SieMatic experience. This also means that the flagship store must be continuously kept up to date with the latest product and atmosphere innovations.<...> Our flagship store serves as an optimal example. This environment enables us to remain critical with regard to our branding, brand experience and customer experience. It is also a 'laboratory' when it comes to testing our novelties before rolling them out further in our distribution network. <...>

SieMatic was the first to introduce the handleless kitchen to the market and today we are making international acclaim with our innovative SLX program. This pioneering role suits us well. Consumers and interior design professionals can come to us with their increasingly challenging wish list".

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