Art in SieMatic at the Vondelpark

From Saturday, 30 May, SieMatic at the Vondelpark will exhibit the work of no less than three talented female artists: Jos Out, Erlinde Boersma and Wil Lof. Admission is free as usual.

By now it is almost a tradition. The style rooms of SieMatic regularly take on a double function and show not only complete interiors but also art of the same top level. Ever since the opening of SieMatic at the Vondelpark in 2014 this combination proved successful.

But where in the past one artist was put in the spotlight, this time there are no less than three: Jos Out, Erlinde Boersma and Wil Lof. Three women who have used their talents to create stunning works of art to be made on their own terrain: sculpting, mixed media and painting respectively. The exhibition is open until August.

Sculptor Jos Out depicts the concept of polarity in softness of the image and hardness of the materials. There is no day without night, or black without white. "There is no situation in life in which you cannot name two opposites" she explains. Out is winner of the Prix d'Honneur du Salon' Carrousel du Louvre 2011.

Mixed media artist Erlinde Boersma focuses on the human figure. Painting and photography are in my work inseparable. I am constantly looking for the right combination between these two media "to bring in the spotlight and get lost in the picture."

A leading designer and colorist of fashion motives Wil Lof switched arts in 1997 and decided to devote her creativity to full time monumental painting. Many observers characterize her paintings as being esoteric, anthroposophical or even ‘elysian’. Apart from her series of pure abstract and figurative paintings, emphasis is now in combining both styles into mysterious scenes.

SieMatic at the Vondelpark warmly invites interested parties to come and admire the works of art. You are welcome in the SieMatic Flagship Store to enjoy the work of the Women Artists, the stylish design of SieMatic and the chic Amsterdam mansion in which all this is gathered.